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About Us

Thank you for your interest in our early learning program. If you are looking for quality care and education for your children aged 6 weeks to six years, we invite you to tour Kids’ Korner, conveniently located in the heart of Narberth. Open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, we can accommodate children requiring full time placement, or for as little as two days a week. We are open year round with the exception of major holidays, the week before Labor Day and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Kids’ Korner is a state-licensed facility that began serving the community in 1988 and has been under new ownership since 2002. We are an equal opportunity child care provider, admitting children on a first come, first served basis. Families needing full time care recieve enrollment priority. Children with special needs will be accommodated whenever reasonably possible.

Kids' Korner is proud to be a Keystone STAR 4 center! Out of thousands of licensed centers in the state of Pennsylvania, only 608 have 4 STARS. Keystone STARS is a state program which establishes comprehensive quality standards for child care centers and assigns ratings from 1 to 4 STARS. Ratings are based on the classroom learning environment, staff and director education and training, parent participation and professional management practices.

Our dedicated staff regularly receives professional development in early education. All staff members are also trained in infant and child CPR, first aid and fire safety. We are a non-denominational, non-sectarian program housed in Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. The Church is located within easy walking distance of public transportation and downtown Narberth. Detailed information about our program and policies follows.

Mission Statement

Kids Korner was established to provide high quality, out-of-home care and learning for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age. Our goal is to equip every child in our care with roots and wings. As each child is enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, he or she develops the sense of security and trust needed to soar through an environment rich in new experiences and exciting learning opportunities. Our aim is to maintain an environment that is both safe and stimulating, providing challenges when appropriate, and comfort whenever needed.


We strive to support the optimal growth and development of each child entrusted to our care. We teach kindness, empathy and respect, as well as shapes and numbers. We endeavor to stretch bodies and minds. We are committed to meeting the developmental needs of each child—intellectual, physical, social, and emotional. Whether identifying a letter, catching a ball, or sharing a toy—there are many kinds of learning and we want to include them all.

A positive partnership with parents, founded on mutual trust and respect, is an essential component to our success. We rely on parent input and information to help us meet each child’s unique needs. Daily communication between teachers and parents is a hallmark of our program. Families are welcome visitors, participants and partners.


It is a joy and a privilege to participate in the lives of young children. We are daily witnesses to delight and wonder, growth and discovery, challenge and accomplishment, journey and arrival. We believe the first five years of life are critically important to lifelong success. Nothing could be more rewarding than helping families build firm foundations for happy, successful lives for their children.

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Early Learning Program

At Kids’ Korner we believe that education should be exciting, relevant and fun! Our goal is to provide each child in our care with a nurturing, yet stimulating environment. We strive to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. We follow a theme-based curriculum. Teachers plan lessons, projects and stories around a central weekly topic or “theme.”

Each spring we marvel as we follow the life cycle of the Painted Lady butterfly, from live caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. It’s a big day when our butterflies fly free! Other special events and guests are scheduled throughout the year. We might celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with green eggs and ham, enjoy a live concert with a children’s entertainer or learn about fire safety from a real live firefighter. And we always take lots of snapshots to share with parents!

What will you see when you visit Kids’ Korner? You will see babies and young children, grouped by age, receiving loving and attentive care from our experienced staff. You will see children playing with blocks, looking at books, or working on craft projects. You might hear some singing or see some dancing. Perhaps you will join us at morning or afternoon snack time, when fresh fruit and other wholesome foods are served. When weather permits, you will find them in one of our enclosed, outdoor play yards—sliding, climbing, running, laughing—maybe playing in the sprinkler or building a snowman! Older children might take a walk to explore our wonderful Narberth neighborhood, where they will always find a cordial welcome at the post office, the library and other community facilities.

On your tour, you might see a youngster being introduced to the letter of the week, identifying the shape of his snack cracker or counting cups for lunch. Perhaps you will observe a toddler being praised for sharing a toy, comforting a friend or using the potty. There are many kinds of learning and we want to facilitate them all. We want children to learn about kindness, empathy and respect as well as shapes and numbers. We want to stretch bodies and minds. Our children learn about seasons and sharing, colors and caring, letters and listening.

In order for a child to trust the child care environment, it is important to provide staff members who are familiar with the child and familiar to the child. Kids Korner hires extra staff as floaters who can provide assistance and support wherever needed. With extra staff beyond those required by state mandated ratios, it is not necessary to combine groups or shuttle children between classes when there are staff absences. The children remain in a familiar setting with a familiar teacher following a familiar classroom routine. Likewise, parents and other family members see the same familiar faces from day to day. This continuity of care enhances communication and builds the foundation for a sustaining parent –teacher partnership.

Monthly Special Events

Pajama Day

Valentine Celebrations

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Outdoor Egg Hunts

Live Caterpillars and Butterflies

Segal Puppet Theatre

Lynne’s Live Animal Show

African Drum Circle

Fire Truck visit

Halloween Parade and Song Fest

All About the Dentist

Holiday Program for Parents

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Daily Schedule

Each morning we have indoor and outdoor play; snack; circle time; story time and an age appropriate art or craft project. Each day is a blend of large and small group activities with plenty of time to explore, experiment and socialize. A light breakfast is provided for those children who arrive before 7:45 A.M. as well as nutritious morning and afternoon snacks. In the afternoon it is time for outdoor play, story, another snack and an open-ended activity such as playdough sculpture or collage creation.

Our toddlers have a relaxed daily routine. They are encouraged to explore within the security of their own classroom area. Story, circle time and art and craft projects are available to them should they choose to participate. Toddlers also have their own separate area of the outdoor playground complete with age appropriate climbers and slides.

Infants create their own schedules. Needs are met on a demand basis. The babies are fed when they are hungry, they nap when they are tired, and they are changed when their diapers are soiled or wet. Stimulation is provided in a number of ways: the infants are rocked, held, sung to, read to, talked to; and we even get right down in the play yard and play with toys together! One important thing to remember: the way your baby eats or sleeps at home may completely change at day care where there is much more activity (and a lot of fun too!).

We ask that you have your child here by 9:00 each day. This enables us to begin our program without interruption.

activities at

Kids Korner Kamp


Outdoor Art
We’ll be decorating the fence and sidewalk and creating up a storm!
Be sure to wear old clothes.

Special Guest—3:30 PM: Segal Puppet Theatre

promise music and mayhem with their show about 5 Little Monkeys!


Red, White and Blue Day
Wear American flag colors and celebrate Independence Day.

Special Guest — 3:30 PM: Lynne’s Safari Party
Lynne always brings an amazing array of live, exotic animals, many of which the children can touch. It’s a great show!

Wet and Wild #1
Get ready, get set, get WET! Splashing, squirting, spraying fun in the sun. You can even squirt the teachers!

Halloween in July
Wear a costume and we’ll have a candy hunt!


Krazy Hat Day
Bring or make your Kraziest hat. (Look for Miss Cindy’s chicken hat!)

Special Event—African Drum Circle—-3:30 PM
with plenty of audience participation. Hope you can join us!

Wetter and Wilder Day #2
Back by popular demand!

Super Sundae Fun Day
Build your own ice cream sundae

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  • Thank you for all the wonderful care that you have provided for both of my children over the last 3.5 years. The education they received has been excellent. The teachers are immeasurably kind, thoughtful, caring, and loving individuals. I have always felt comfortable leaving my children in your care.

    Stephanie S
  • Our two-year old has been at Narberth Kids Korner for about a year and loves going to school! The program is fun for little ones, and he’s learning a lot and developing social skills. It’s been a wonderful experience for him.

    Amy G
  • When my wife was pregnant with our first child, a friend told us about Kids Korner and we enrolled. We have never been disappointed. When our second daughter was born the choice was again easy. I would and have recommended Kids Korner to countless friends.

    Steve F
  • Our three children have all grown up at Kids Korner. The administrators and staff are an integral extension of our family. They say “it takes a village” and we sure are grateful to have Kids Korner as a part of ours!

    Kristin H
  • My daughter truly feels loved by her teachers and friends at Kids Korner. Through their hands-on, thematic approach to learning, children experience both structured and child-directed activities. Play and learning through “doing” are a cornerstone of the program. As a teacher of nearly 20 years, I feel confident in the love, learning and connection teachers at Kids Korner are building within each of our children every day.

    Claire G
  • Some of the things that we love the most about Kids Korner: we love that the kids go outside to play nearly every day; we love the small size so that each age level is just one group/classroom of kids; we love the in-house field trips, and of course, the ladies who shower our kids with so much love.

    Kerri W & Jana W
  • When we dropped our daughter off for her first day in the infant room, we were sad and cried and we thought that would have been one of the hardest days ever, but it turns out saying good-bye is much harder. Both of our children were always so excited to go to school every day and that makes all the difference in the world. We could have never dreamt that our kids would get so much love, care and kindness every day.

    Amy F
  • My son had a wonderful year at Kids Korner. I really appreciate the teaching and reinforcement of good manners and sharing. All of the teachers are very friendly and welcoming, making morning drop-offs easy! Kids Korner is a great place, that I recommend often.

    Lisa W
  • The infant room teachers are not only experienced and well-educated; they genuinely provide a safe and loving environment for all the babies. They’re patient with my son and with us! All in all, it has been a blessing for our family to find the infant room at Kids Korner!

    Mayu A

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Where Children Bloom

sept 2022 - sept 2023

Financial Information

Days a Week 6 Weeks to 24 Months 2 to 3 Years Old 3 Years Old* 4 Years Old*
5 Days $450 $440 $385 $365
4 Days $425 $415 $365 $270
3 Days $400 $385 $340 $240
2 Days $360 $345 $315 $215
Add'l Day $180 $175 $165 $160
* This rate applies only to children who have been toilet trained.

There is a registration fee of $50 per child. The registration fee is not refundable, nor is it applicable towards your child’s tuition. An additional attendance deposit consisting of 2 weeks tuition is refundable, providing that your child enrolls for a period of at least 3 months and we receive 30 days notice of withdrawal. There is a 10% sibling discount applied to the rate of the oldest child.

Kids Korner offers the convenience of safe and secure on-line payments through Tuition Express. Each family must provide a checking or credit card account from which your weekly tuition will be paid automatically each week. The returned payment fee is $30.00. Two weeks of consecutive non-payment will constitute dismissal. Your weekly payment has been calculated with all holidays and center closings incorporated. Therefore, the amount due each week will not change when we are closed.

Unfortunately, any scheduled day that your child does not attend must still be paid for and you cannot make up days missed due to illness. We must maintain sufficient staff for each scheduled day, and your child’s space in our facility is held for him alone.

kids korner


Parents are welcome to visit and observe class at any time. We are delighted to include parents in our daily activities, utilize them as classroom volunteers or have them join us for special events. Please remember that this is YOUR early learning center. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to us about them. A brief exchange is usually possible at drop-off or pick-up. If there is a need for longer discussion, we are happy to set up an appointment. Parent-teacher conferences are offered twice a year, but an additional conference can be scheduled at any time. Communication is the best thing for you, the best thing for us, and most importantly, the best thing for your child.
Each year, Kids` Korner closes the week before Labor Day and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. These weeks enable us to schedule staff vacations, repairs and maintenance. Your weekly tuition fee is waived for these vacation weeks.

Families whose children have attended Kids’ Korner for 6 months or more may take one additional tuition-free week of vacation per calendar year. Such vacations must be requested in writing at least 30 days in advance.
Our facility closes at 6:00 P.M. and it is not possible to provide care after that time. (Please keep in mind that we have families too.)

A late fee of $25.00 will be charged to anyone arriving after 6:00 PM.
Kids’ Korner participates in Pennsylvania’s Subsidized Child Care Program. Low income families can apply through the Child Care Information Service Office in their county of residence to receive financial assistance with child care costs. It is not necessary to enroll your child at a center in your own county. Any participating provider is acceptable. Brochures and contact numbers are available at our Center.
When you place your child in our care, you must plan on sick days. A child should not be brought to our center if he feels too sick to participate. We reserve the right to deny admittance to your child in this case. We realize that unpredictable sick days make life complicated for everyone, but even a healthy child gets sick now and then and cannot be around other children. The best approach is to have an alternate child care plan available for sick days. If your child is vomiting or has diarrhea or fever, he should be kept home. Of course, children with contagious conditions such as chicken pox or conjunctivitis (pink eye) must also be kept home until they are no longer contagious. We would appreciate a phone call if your child will be absent.

Should any of these conditions develop during the day, you will be asked to pick up your child and bring him home. If you cannot pick him up in a timely manner, or if we cannot reach you, we will call someone from your emergency contact list. Your child may return to care when all symptoms have resolved and diet, sleep and activity level have returned to normal.

We reserve the right to ask for a doctor’s note if there are any concerns about contagion. Please understand that strict enforcement of this policy is for the protection of your child.

Weekly tuition fees are calculated to include all center closings, with the exceptions of the week before Labor Day and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when the Center is closed for the entire week. There is no adjustment in tuition for days missed due to other Center closings.




SPRING IN-SERVICE DAY (No child care provided)



SUMMER VACATION WEEK (No tuition charged)


FALL IN-SERVICE DAY (No child care provided)

THANKSGIVING BREAK (Thursday and Friday)

WINTER VACATION WEEK (No tuition charged)

In the event of snow, or other weather emergencies, you may call the Center’s Voice Mail system: 610-664-0231—anytime day or night to check for a message regarding the Center’s hours.

Any medicine that must be administered to a child while he is in our care must be brought in the original container with the label intact. A medicine chart is kept beside the refrigerator in the kitchen. Please sign the chart, provide all the information requested, and leave the medicine in the appropriate container. Be sure your child’s name is on the medication. It is also important to let a staff member know that your child is signed up for medicine. A separate medication chart is provided for infants in the infants` room. Special medical needs will be accommodated whenever possible. Parents must provide all relevant information and complete a Special Care Plan form.
Kids’ Korner administrators and staff members are devoted to the welfare of all children. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of children with learning differences, disabilities or special medical needs. Please let us know if your child is receiving early intervention services or has an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Children can often receive support services while in our care. We are happy to work with other professionals to maximize learning opportunities for each and every child at our Center. Children with limited English proficiency will be supported by the use of familiar words in the home language, gestures, and comfort objects or photos from home.

If a child’s classroom behavior is harmful to himself, his classmates or staff, Kids Korner will make every effort to work with parents, staff and consultants to enable the child to remain in the program. Parents are expected to cooperate with requests from the program to obtain services from Early Intervention or the County Intermediate Unit. If, despite accommodations and interventions, the program is unable to meet the needs of the child while preserving the safety of the child, his classmates and staff members, the child may be asked to leave the program.
We love to celebrate birthdays! Please let your child’s teacher know if you would like to bring in treats for the class. We will light a candle, sing “Happy Birthday” and take a photo or two. The birthday child wears a special crown and receives a small gift.
You must bring your child inside the building and wait until one of our staff has greeted both of you. You may stay as long as you wish until you and your child both feel comfortable about saying good-bye, but please remember that prolonging good-bye is usually not a good idea. You know your child best and will be able to use your own judgment. Some tears are expected, especially if this is a new experience. Though it is hard to believe, tears usually stop a short time after Mommy and Daddy leave.

You must come inside to pick up your child. A daily report will be given to you at this time. This gives you a summary of your child’s day. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Please notify us in writing, in advance, if someone other than those listed at registration will be picking up your child. If no notice is given, your child will not be released to anyone else.

Please send the following items with your child:

  1. A complete change of clothing (to be kept in his cubby in case of accidents)
  2. Disposable Diapers and Wipes
  3. Nap equiptment: a blanket and two (2) fitted crib sheets for infants and toddlers, a light-weight sleeping bag for older children. (These will be sent home on Fridays for laundering.)
  4. A brown bag lunch labeled with child’s name. No beverage needed, milk is provided for the lunchtime beverage.
  5. For Infants, Prepared Bottles & Baby Food
  6. All necessary paperwork
Kids Korner has a policy of complete transparency with regard to confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 among staff members, enrolled families and their contacts. Parents and staff will be informed via e-mail and posted notices of any exposure or positive COVID-19 test results. The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) will also be informed and all guidance with regard to temporary closure, disinfection, cleaning or remediation protocols will be followed.

All parents and staff members agree to report COVID tests performed, test results, exposures or suspicious symptoms to Kids Korner within 24 hours or less. Failure to report in a timely manner will result in dismissal of a staff member or removal of child/ren from care.

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