Daily Schedule

Each morning we have indoor and outdoor play; snack; circle time; story time and an age appropriate art or craft project. Each day is a blend of large and small group activities with plenty of time to explore, experiment and socialize. A light breakfast is provided for those children who arrive before 7:45 A.M. as well as nutritious morning and afternoon snacks. In the afternoon it is time for outdoor play, story, another snack and an open-ended activity such as playdough sculpture or collage creation.

Our toddlers have a relaxed daily routine. They are encouraged to explore within the security of their own classroom area. Story, circle time and art and craft projects are available to them should they choose to participate. Toddlers also have their own separate area of the outdoor playground complete with age appropriate climbers and slides.

Infants create their own schedules. Needs are met on a demand basis. The babies are fed when they are hungry, they nap when they are tired, and they are changed when their diapers are soiled or wet. Stimulation is provided in a number of ways: the infants are rocked, held, sung to, read to, talked to; and we even get right down in the play yard and play with toys together! One important thing to remember: the way your baby eats or sleeps at home may completely change at day care where there is much more activity (and a lot of fun too!).

We ask that you have your child here by 9:00 each day. This enables us to begin our program without interruption.

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