Kids Korner Kamp 2013

Once again, we are planning a fun filled summer for the children. Each week we will have a “Fun Day,” with a cool theme or silly activity, and each month we will be visited by exciting special guests. Of course, we will have lots of spontaneous fun on all our other days: running through the sprinklers, “painting” the fence, chasing bubbles, watching clouds, etc.—all those great things for which summer was made.

If your child does not regularly attend on the day of a special event, please feel free to join us anyway. Your child can join in the fun, accompanied by you, or he or she may be signed up for an extra day. As always, parents are welcome to visit Kids Korner at any time, but we hope lots of you will be able to join us for these special events. Parents are our favorite special guests!




Outdoor Art
We’ll be decorating the fence and sidewalk and creating up a storm!
Be sure to wear old clothes.
Special Guest – 10:00 AM: Feisty Bear
Will entertain the children with songs and stories! Feisty performs
in an open faced bear costume and quickly has the children singing and dancing along with her catchy tunes.
Red, White and Blue Day
Wear American flag colors and celebrate Independence Day.
Wet and Wild #1
Get ready, get set, get WET! Splashing, squirting, spraying fun
in the sun. You can even squirt the teachers!
Halloween in July
Wear a costume and we’ll have a candy hunt!
Special Guest — 3:30 PM: Lynne’s Safari Party
Lynne always brings an amazing array of live, exotic animals,
many of which the children can touch. It’s a great show!
Krazy Hat Day
Bring or make your Kraziest hat.
(Look for Miss Cindy’s chicken hat!)
Wetter and Wilder Day #2
Back by popular demand!
Special Guest — 10 AM: Sing Along With Mike Veteran
Folk performer, Mike Miller, will lead the children in song and silliness! Mike’s performances always highlight humor and audience participation. Hope you can join us!
Super Sundae Fun Day
Build your own ice cream sundae.
* Reminder: Kids Korner will be closed for the entire week prior to Labor Day. The day after Labor Day the staff will gather for our Fall In Service Day. (No childcare provided) Children return the Wednesday after Labor Day


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